7.09 Caddy


Caddy 是创建于2015年的相对很新的HTTP服务器,由Go语言编写。它的设计哲学是关注HTTP/2协议和HTTPS。


Caddy 能被用于本地开发测试和生产环境部署,用作HTTP服务器和反向代理proxy directive


  • A look inside Caddy shows and explains some of the Go code written to build the server.
  • The official Caddy server docs are the spot to look for what directives can be placed into a Caddy configuration file
  • Caddy a modern web server supporting HTTP/2 is a quick synopsis on installing Caddy along with a short example configuration file.
  • HTTP 2.0 on localhost with Caddy shows how to use a self-signed certificate with Caddy to do local development with an HTTP/2 web server.
  • Is Caddy free? explains the donation and sponsorships model that Caddy uses to continue development on the server. The gist is that the server is free to clone, download and use. Sponsors and optional donations are currently used to fund ongoing development.


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