7.03 Platform-as-a-service

平台即服务 Platform-as-a-service

平台即服务 (PaaS)提供了基础设施以及一个软件层,让web应用部署其上。在Paas上运行web应用,你就无需知道底层的服务器,操作系统,web服务器,WSGI服务器等。



Traditional LAMP server stack versus a Platform-as-a-Service stack


PaaS的责任 responsibilities

要知道你所用的PaaS使用什么操作系统会有所帮助。比如Heroku使用Ubuntu 10.04。部署人员有责任确保web应用的安全。




  1. Review the potential Python platform-as-a-service options listed above.
  2. Sign up for a PaaS account at the provider that appears to best fit your application needs. Heroku is the PaaS option recommended for starters due to their detailed documentation and walkthroughs available on the web. However, the other options are also viable since their purpose is to make deploying applications as easy as possible.
  3. Check if there are any PaaS-specific configuration files needed for your app to run properly on the PaaS after it is deployed.
  4. Deploy your app to the PaaS.
  5. Sync your application’s configuration with the database.
  6. Set up a content delivery network for your application’s static content unless your PaaS provider already handles this deployment step for you.
  7. Check if the application’s functionality is working and tweak as necessary.


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