6.23 MkDocs


MkDocs 是一个基于Python的静态站点生成器,整合了Markdown和Jinja2来生成静态网页。源代码参见source code is available on GitHub

MkDocs static site and documentation generator logo.





  • The official Getting Started with MkDocs is likely the best place to go when you are just getting set up with your first site that uses this project.
  • Building Markdown-based Sites with MkDocs provides an initial perspective on using MkDocs to build a static website along with some of the advantages and disadvantages that come with using this static site generator.
  • Mkdocs documentation is a quick tutorial to get MkDocs installed and modify the initial mkdocs.yml file.
  • MkDocs making strides is a post from one of the project’s core commiters on some changes that greatly improved the project such as site regeneration during development when a file is modified, search, the command-line client and packageable theming.


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