6.22 Lektor


Lektor 是一个静态站点生成器,带有内容管理系统(CMS)及web框架特征。

Lektor’s 源代码托管在GitHub 。

Lektor static website generator logo.




  • Introducing Lektor is the background story for what motivated Armin Ronacher to start hacking on his own static site generator project after jumping around from Django to WordPress for hosting content. The post also includes details on the differences in the project compared to other static site generators.
  • Hello, Lektor is a wonderful getting started and overview post. The post walks through the files Lektor generates, the admin content management system and pulling data into pages from the Meetup API.
  • The official Lektor quickstart contains the first commands to use to generate a new project scaffold. There is also a getting started screencast that walks through installing and initial steps for getting set up with the project.
  • Converting to Lektor provides a quick hack for converting exported content in XML from Silvrback to a format that Lektor can use to generate a new site.
  • Lektor Static CMS, put the fun back into Content Management is a short overview as the first part in what aims to be a continuing series on how to use Lektor as a content management system.
  • In Experiences Migrating to Lektor the author gives his impression of Lektor after moving his 400+ articles over from a home-grown blogging engine. He talks a bit about how he went from deploying on GitHub Pages to surge.sh and finally over to Netlify.


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