6.13 Web设计



Why is web design important?


HTML with no CSS or JavaScript.



把web的内容和展示分离出来,根据不同的屏幕展示不同的内容,被称为响应式设计responsive design。相应是通过CSS里面的media queries实现。

比如,一个移动设备没有足够空间展示导航栏,Bootstrap Blog example 显示导航栏在不同页面尺寸下的变化。


  • Frontend Guidelines is an amazing write up of good practices for HTML, CSS and JS.
  • How I Work with Color is a fantastic article from a professional designer on how he thinks about color and uses it for certain effects in his designs.
  • The Bootstrapping Design book is one of the clearest and concise resources for learning design that I’ve ever read. Highly recommended especially if you feel you have no design skills but need to learn them.
  • Learn Design Principles is a well thought out clear explanation for how to think about design according to specific rules such as axis, symmetry, hierarchy and rhythm.
  • Kuler is a complementary color picker by Adobe that helps choose colors for your designs.
  • If you want to learn more about how browsers work behind the scenes, here’s a blog post series on building a browser engine that will show you how to build a simple rendering engine.


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